Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times. If you do see anything suspicious, please tell a member of our station team or British Transport Police. You can also text British Transport Police on 61016. Remember the 3's. See it, say it, sorted.

— Acapela Rachel's see it, say it, sorted announcement.

Acapela Rachel is an automated announcer on the British railway network. Unlike the other announcers however, the announcements made by Acapela Rachel are not made up of pre-recorded words and phrases. Instead, Acapela Rachel is text to speech software. Because of this, words in the announcements often end up being pronounced oddly or incorrectly, and sentences she says sound very incoherent. Although the company Acapela offer text to speech software in a variety of voices, Rachel is the only voice that is used for railway announcements.

Acapela Rachel is mostly used at smaller sized Northern, Southeastern, East Midlands Railway and Transport for Wales stations. Usually TfW stations have announcements in both Welsh and English, Acapela Rachel though only gives announcements in English.

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