To assist staff with the safe and punctual dispatch of your train, please close doors and windows behind you.

— Anne's announcement for slam door trains at some stations.

Anne is the popular name of an automated announcer on the British railway network. She is by far the most used announcer, announcing at stations throughout much of England and Northern Ireland. She is the default voice of the Atos system - outside Scotland and Wales (who have their own Atos announcers) very few stations with the Atos system do not use her. Anne does not currently announce on any trains however.

Since 2002 Anne has been doing announcements at stations, and her presence on the railway network since then has been ever-growing. Most recently, she has been installed at all Virgin Trains West Coast, TransPennine Express stations, replacing Only Woman and Rob respectively.

Anne also provides automated messages used by some electronic customer help points which have a "next train" button. In this case she will announce "this station is" followed by the departures from the platforms at the station. This is usually only found at small stations without live information boards.

Anne is CIS Service Manager at ATOS Worldline. It is believed her full name is Anne Jermy and is thought to originate from Bristol. Apart from that, not much is known about the real life Anne who recorded the announcements.

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