Please make sure you close all doors firmly behind you when boarding the trains that do not have automatic doors.

— An Only Woman announcement for slam door trains.

Only Woman is the popular name of an automated announcer on the British railway network, and does announcements on behalf of the Amey CIS system. The Only Woman had started doing train announcements in 2013. Until 2018, she was used at all Virgin Trains West Coast stations and a few other stations, including London Victoria, Brighton and Blackpool North. At every one of those stations however, she has since been replaced by the Atos system, however, at Norwood Junction, she seems to say 'City Thameslink', not Emma Hignett.

Very little is known about the announcer known as 'Only Woman'. She is given that name because all her train announcements used to include the word 'only' after announcing all the train's calling points.

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