Please note this train is running full and standing. Please allow all customers to leave the train before boarding.

— Rodger's announcement if a train is reported as running full and standing.

Rodger is the name of a male automated announcer of Atos, and is commonly used alongside Anne. Rodger (alongside Anne) announces at a lot of Great Western Railway, South Western Railway and Network Rail owned stations, such as Bristol Temple Meads and Clapham Junction. (where they replaced KeTech announcers Celia Drummond and Phil Sayer for GWR in 2011 and for SWR in 2019). Rodger has a similar voice to Sayer, but much deeper.

Real life Rodger works for Great Western Railway, before he became an Atos announcer he did recording across station announcing Timely departure, Slam sets, engineering works and the Reading redevelopment works when FGW had the Ditra, Boofay and Atos (Ruth) systems.

Train Lines Edit

Often at Great Western Railway stations with at least two platforms, he voices a platform(s) whilst Anne voices the other platforms. At Swindon, he voices every platform except for platform 4. Cheltenham Spa has him doing all the train announcements, though the "See It, Say It, Sorted" announcement is done by Anne. A few smaller but busy station had CIS screens and announcements installed in 2018 such as Falmouth Town, Penryn, Stonehouse etc. and are voiced by Rodger, Anne announces the BTP announcement.

His train lines include: "Please be aware that you can only bring a bicycle on this service if you have booked beforehand" "The train now approaching platform X does not stop here, stand back from the edge of platform X, the next train is not scheduled to stop." "First class is at the [LOCATION], standard class is at the [OTHER LOCATIONS], bicycle spaces are at the very [LOCATION]

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